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At Danisol Ibiza Constructions we are permanently focussed on the needs of our clients. With the assistance of our complete team of professionals, committed to your project, we seek to find personalized, competitive and efficient solutions that are in tune with the demands of the market in the 21st century.

The quality of our services is assured by the evidence of the results of our already carried out work and the satisfaction of our clients. We have shown, through intelligent and profitable solutions that this is a solid company, capable to offering sufficient confidence in a sector like the construction one in Ibiza, which is constantly evolving.


Projects. We are at your disposal whenever you should need us: we listen to the personalized needs of each client, we take the corresponding measurements at the place of work, analyse them, and offer a budget free of charge, paying attention to the details for the client. We believe it is important to understand the different stages of the project and its cost, and so we take special care to patiently clarify any doubts that may arise. You will be able to visualize the house of your dreams thanks to our specialist software. Once we have reached this stage, building work can begin. We have the most innovative working tools at our disposal. You will have your own personalized account which you will be able to access online at any time in order to see the status of the building works.

Style. We have the capability and the experience to provide our projects with the island spirit. We always respect the Mediterranean style of the villas from Ibiza, with their white façades and natural stone, which make it possible to blend rustic and minimalist styles. Likewise we take into account the solidity of the foundations in order to faithfully follow the Ibiza model.

Wall coverings. With endless possibilities, we can renew ageing surfaces and convert them into fun and innovative colourful spaces, with a variety of designs and textures. This makes it possible to take colour to another dimension, providing brilliant details on all kinds of surfaces and allowing an unlimited design potential. This method may be used both inside and outside, on horizontal or vertical surfaces, and even in the creation of personalized designer furniture in any kind of space.

Flooring. We set the standard in the laying of continuous flooring, polished concrete, and micro concrete. The professionals that work for our company have received the best possible training in order to advise clients and make up an indissoluble team in order to ensure a wholly integrated service.

Please call us with no obligation and we will be delighted to help you carry out your project.